Characters & Cast

December 12, 2017
All art by the voice behind the character!
Kendra Dryden, dwarf bard (she/her)
played by Spikes (they/them)
A dwarven bard who likes drinking, long walks across the battlefield, and wants you to join her band.

Lermie, dragonborn wizard (he/him)
played by Zac (he/him)
Our party's resident dragonborn lizard wizard and good luck charm, if the rumours are to be believed.

Mikael Luka Lucrecia Vallis, half-elf cleric (she/her, he/him, they/them)
played by Sidney (they/them)
A genderqueer half elf cleric of Heironeous. She's basically never been outside? Knows 0 memes.
Sirra, half-elf monk (she/her)
played by Bev (she/her)
A travelling half elf monk. She's got a sword for a leg and a punch in her fist.